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Quality Large Animal Clippers


Made in Germany. These large animal clippers come with GENUINE AESCULAP BLADES. Fast, powerful cutting speed, we consider this the best clipper on the market. 160 Watt very quiet running motor. Slim casing and balanced weight increased aeration vents. Built for easy maintenance and repair. Internal electronic speed control with overload protection. Blades made of special abrasion resistant steel which can be resharpened many times. Blades interchangeable with all other brand clippers. GT674 equipped with a GT505 upper plate and GT502 lower plate (cutting height 3 mm), GT604 conditioning oil, sturdy plastic case. 1-year limited warranty. We provide quality horse, cattle and sheep clippers. To place an order, we invite you to visit our online store, and for any inquiries, you may contact us at any time.

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