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Aesculap Econom II Sheep

German Red Clippers brings you professional sheep clippers for precise sheep clipping. 


  • fast , powerful cutting speed with a high cutting stroke per minute speed

  • top performance high-powered 200-watt motor

  • considerably improved ventilation with increased aeration vents

  • slim casings and balanced weight for ease of handling

  • built for easy maintenance and repair

  • no tools required to change or clean the filter and easy to change carbon brushes

  • plug in circuit board

  • internal electronic speed control with overload protection

  • top quality, wear resistant cutting blades for extra life between re-sharpening

  • cutting blades made of special abrasion- restistantsteel which can be re-sharpened many times




We specialize in quality farm animal clippers and invite you to visit our online store for more product specific details and to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Aesculap Econom II Sheep

  • Power unit DC motor:  approx. 2,750 strokes/min

    Voltage: 110 V / 200 W

    Noise: 70 dB(A)

    Weight: 1,200 g

    Length of cable: approx. 5 m

    Supplied with:  GT578 Upper Plate, GT588 Lower Blade, clipping height: 3.5 mm, and solid plastic case including a GT604 Aesculap oiler

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